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At Bibliotech Academy, our mission is simple. We want you to keep learning during the pandemic and beyond. Does a curated newsletter of industry CEU events sound appealing? If so, our newsletter is for you! We post an average of 80 events each month, with topics ranging from acoustics to colour theory! Best of all, it's FREE!

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Bibliotech has been an amazing resource for me over the past couple of months! I often find I don't have contacts for a lot of manufacturers which is when I refer to Bibliotech. It's been incredibly helpful!

Diana Smiciklas
Sustainability Advisor | Perkins&Will

I have been a librarian at several Architecture firms here in the city and find Bibliotech very valuable. Although each office may have their own contacts database, Bibliotech provides a full range of manufacturers & dealers for designers and architects. I love how simple the website is, how the master spec categories are shown, and how easy the search function is. I will continue to use Bibliotech in my career and would be more than happy to recommend it.

Kim Phan
Designer | Montgomery Sisam Architects

This is a great program. Going digital has many benefits... We repatriated space in our offices by removing the hard cover binders using this program. It saves us valuable space and you never have to worry about making sure your library is up to date.

Zenon Radewych
Principal | WZMH Architects

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Our FILTERED SEARCH feature allows you to sift through a vast list of continuing education courses (including AIA CEUs, GBCI CEUs and other structured and non-structured continuing education opportunities offered by CSC, OBEC, Passive House Canada amongst others) and make a pick within minutes. No need to waste hours browsing the internet and social media for relevant events.

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The COVID19 pandemic has disrupted the way in which continuing education is delivered. Even if many of us are currently suffering from Zoom/Webinar fatigue, we strongly believe in the importance of continuing education for architects, interior designers and all of our industry peers. At Bibliotech Academy, you will find a consolidated list of continuing education opportunities and other industry events organized in an easy-to-navigate manner.

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Are you looking for a more curated experience? No worries. Join our newsletter and we will send you a monthly list of continuing education courses, continuing education webinars and conferences to you. Topics range anywhere from interior design to building science! You are a busy professional, we get it. With a free subscription to our newsletter, you will receive updates on the latest continuing education events, courses, and webinars right to your inbox!

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Juste Fanou, BSS, CAPM, WELL AP

Bibliotech Academy is a one-stop directory of continuing education (CE) opportunities for architects and other construction professionals. It is an aggregator of free/paid, structured/non-structured CEUs from organizations such as CSC, the RAIC, OBEC, Passive House Canada, building industry manufacturers etc. We understand how essential CEUs are to the growth-oriented professionals who populate our industry. However, we are also aware of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In many ways, this crisis has made it simultaneously easier and harder to fulfill the continuing education requirements for architects, designers, and other construction professionals. There are, unfortunately, very few β€” if anyβ€” in-person lunch and learns, association events, or other avenues through which architects and construction professionals can obtain CE credits. However, there are many webinars. A. lot. Of. Webinars. But where are they all happening? Who is putting them on? And most importantly, how do you find the ones that truly bring value to you as a professional? While we know you probably miss the fantastic lunches β€” sorry, educational content β€” you used to get from lunch and learns, we do our best at Bibliotech Academy to curate some terrific CEU opportunities for you as an architect, interior designer, or other construction industry professional. Bonus: It is all organized in an easy-to-digest (pun totally intended) format. The only thing you need to bring is your own food! Happy Learning!